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Best 3 Sex Toys for Extreme Sexual Pleasure

I’m sure all of your sex lives are perfectly fine and you’re happy with them. But if you’re feeling that maybe you need to kick things up a notch and are looking for a way to bring more life into the bedroom, then what you may be needing is a sex toy!

Sex toys don’t mean that you can’t please your partner or that your partner can’t get off with you. It simply means that you have grown comfortable enough to want to expand your sexual limit and get extreme pleasure. Sex toys are the best fort his and I’ll tell you a little about the 3 best toys for you and your partner!

Cock Rings

One incredible sexy toy for extreme sexual pleasure is a cock ring. If you’re not familiar with what they are, they’re basically exactly what they sound like. It’s a ring that goes around the man’s shaft all the way at the base. Cock rings come in all different styles; some ribbed, some smooth. There are actually two different types of cock rings aside from that and they both offer different benefits.

Non-Vibrating: This type of cock ring is just the ring without anything else attached to it. The way it works is that it goes around the shaft at the base and the purpose is to restrict the blood from flowing back out of the penis. Aka: it makes you harder and in turn, a little bigger.

Vibrating: There are also vibrating cock rings. These are ultimately for dual pleasure for both the ladies and you. This works much the same way as any other cock ring, but it has a little vibrating pack on it that offers extreme pleasure for the women because it stimulates their clit.

Overall Benefits: There are actually many benefits to cock rings. Firstly, they restrict blood flow, making you harder and bigger. Secondly, because of the restricting blood flow, it actually allows you to last a lot longer than if you were not wearing one. The men will also have a heightened orgasm intensity because of the restricted blood flow – so it feels WAY better.




This is by far the best sex toy for couples! A we-vibe is a sex tool used to increase female sexual pleasure, but it also makes it much better for men, too. It’s a U shaped toy that vibrates. The way it works is you put one end of the U into the female, pressing on her G-spot while the other end of the U rests on her clit and it vibrates – increasing her pleasure greatly. The man still can insert himself into her while this sex toy is in place.

Overall Benefits: This top-rated sex toy has so many different benefits for couples. The top benefit is that it doesn’t take away from the intercourse like many other sex toys. You can still engage in anything you did before while using it. It also increases sexual pleasure for women on her G-spot and her clit – so she’ll be sure to be satisfied. Since part of the toy actually goes inside the woman and the man can still enter her, it actually makes the women feel tighter – further increasing his pleasure.

G-Spot Stimulators


G-spot sex toys are always a go-to if you’re looking for extreme sexual pleasure. Why? Because women need G-spot stimulation in order to achieve orgasm and how on earth can you be pleased if your woman isn’t? Any sex toys that are curved and can stimulate her G-spot are going to be great!

Overall Benefits: Some overall benefits are fairly common sense. Since it stimulates the G-spot, she is much more likely to reach orgasm – especially if she’s someone who struggles with that. In return, she will feel satisfied and grateful that you are so willing to try something new.

Sex Toy Benefits

Each sex toy has their own, unique benefits, but there are overall benefits that ALL sex toys have in common. Besides extreme sexual pleasure, the benefits of sex toys are vast. For one, you’re not only increasing your own sexual pleasure, but your partner’s as well. You are also introducing new, and exciting things to the relationship that will expand upon your connection with your current partner. It keeps things fresh and prevents sex from getting stale and boring!

Sex toys are beneficial for both people having sex. There are plenty of different toys to choose from and these are just the best 3 sex toys for extreme sexual pleasure!