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In Review: Penis Enlargement by X4 Labs

So, you’ve decided to go ahead with increasing the size of your penis and enhancing your erections and have done the research into reliable methods such as penis stretching. That’s a great start! But next, you’ll need to locate a reputable supplier who can provide high quality, safe, authentic penis stretching products.

Instead of browsing through customer success stories and online reviews, you may find it slightly easier to read up on some of the leading industry manufacturers and retailers of penis enhancement products, such as X4 Labs.

x4labs-logoWho are X4 Labs?

X4 Labs is the brand behind the world’s first and only penis extending device that is both medically proven and approved by qualified doctors.

As a result of the device’s success, thousands of men all over the world have managed to succeed in permanently increasing the size and girth of their penis in a reasonable time period – all thanks to the well-researched science behind penile traction.

Unbiased customer reviews of x4 labs are good place to learn what guys have to say about penis enlargement offered by X4 Labs. This is the only penis stretching device on the market today that features the 58 Way Support System – a system clinically tested to ensure the penis extender can be worn by all men with ease and comfort.


Not only that, the X4 Labs promises successful gains in penis size in just 6 months or your money back!

What is it they have to offer?

It’s clear that X4 Labs have more options available than many online retailers to choose from, all of which provide the highest levels of comfort, safety and effectiveness. As a result, you’ll be able to choose virtually any product from the site’s line up and be guaranteed the results you’ve been hoping to achieve.

According to x4 labs reviews, penis stretchers or extenders they offer are easily adaptable and can be fitted to suite penises of any shape or size. The product manufacturers place a great deal of importance on comfort – deeming it a non-negotiable trait. The buyer will clearly benefit from this as the devices will be easier and more comfortable to use than alternatives from other retailers.

Additionally, they provide great customer service that’s surely worth noting when buying a new penis stretching device.

X4 Labs offer a no-hassle money back guarantee, in addition to 24/7 customer support via phone and online chat that simply can’t be topped. At the time of writing this review I haven’t heard a single negative word about X4 labs penis enlargement products.

Reliable, renowned companies are also honest about their data. Their statistics are based on genuine usage of the product and they will not sink so low as to make false claims regarding the device’s success. The true results speak for themselves!

You’ll also be able to rest assured in the knowledge that your penis extender device is legitimate, authentic and safe. Using a cheaper ‘knock off’ product could result in poor results if any, and may put you at risk of serious injury.


I’m not sure what kind of stretching device to purchase. Will I be able to find the advice I need?

Yes! X4 Labs are dedicated to providing a high quality service, and that includes helpful advice for their customers. In addition to their 24 hour helpline and email based support services, the company run a helpful YouTube channel that aims to teach potential buyers about the ways a penis extender can be used to achieve success.

The X4 Labs device is suited to any penis of any size and includes eight different slots that will allow the wearer to adapt the device to suit his individual needs. Therefore, you’ll be certain to find advice that’s tailored to your ideal settings and goals.

doctor-adviceOverall, it’s clear to see why so many x4 labs reviews are positive and say that it is a helpful, reputable company who will always value your comfort and safety. Isn’t that everything you’re looking for in a good retailer? It’s also worth mentioning that the official company site is the only licensed dealer for X4 Labs products, so is the only way to ensure you’re not buying an unsafe knockoff and putting your penis at risk of harm.

X4Labs products can be bought from and range from the Deluxe Edition to the luxurious 24 Karat Gold edition, as well as plenty of limited versions such as the excellent value Anniversary Ultra Edition which includes some of the company’s bestselling products and accessories from the past 10 years.

Regardless of which extender device you ultimately decide to purchase, you can rest easy knowing that X4 Labs is truly the best, most authentic penis extender retailer out there.

Curved Dick? Try Penis Stretching!

penis-curvatureBelieve it or not, penis curvature isn’t an uncommon problem. In fact, most men have some degree of penis curvature. In some ways, this can be a good thing – having a slightly curved penis sets you apart from other men and allows you to stimulate your partner exiting ways that they’ve never experienced before.

It is only when the curvature of the penis is severe enough to limit your ability to have sex, or when your curved penis causes you to lose your confidence that penis curvature truly becomes a problem. Luckily, there is a way to correct this issue – penis stretching.

What is Penis Stretching?

penis-stretchingPenis stretching is the process of gradually straightening the curvature in your penis by stretching your dick regularly.

Over time, the curvature will correct itself as new, healthy cells are created in the Corpora Carvernosa.

This causes your penis to gradually lengthen and straighten over time.

It’s important to remember, however that if you’re looking for a quick fix, you’ll be disappointed. This process isn’t quick or easy – in fact, some men may find it slightly uncomfortable (though it should never be painful) – but the same is true of any exercise or stretching regimen. It takes time for the tissues to rebuild themselves, and it’s not unusual to experience some soreness or fatigue.

How is Penis Stretching Done?

There are two main ways that you can stretch your penis.

  • The first involves doing stretching exercises daily, several times a day. First, take your penis firmly just behind the head, and gently pull downward as far as you can. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds, and then release the penis. Then, repeat the stretch, first pulling your penis to the right for 30 seconds, then to the left for 30 seconds. Next, pull your penis upward toward your abdomen for 30 seconds, and then straight out for 30 seconds. In order to avoid injuring the penis, you should be careful to pull firmly but gently in the beginning. Suffering a penile injury essentially ruins the whole point of doing the exercises. You may increase the intensity of your stretch after a few weeks as you become used to the feeling of these exercises. It is normal to feel some soreness or penile fatigue following these exercises.
  • If taking the time to do daily stretching exercises a couple of times a day doesn’t sound like something you’d stick with, you might consider using a penis extender to straighten and stretch your curved penis at the same time. These devices are designed to be worn for several hours a day, and are virtually invisible under your clothing. This is an excellent option for anyone who wants a hands-free option for stretching their penis. The benefit of using this method is that not only will you gradually straighten your penis, you may also gain length, as well as improving the strength and staying power of your erections.

What are the Benefits of Penis Stretching?

big-penisIn addition to straightening your curved penis, stretching can provide you with a number of other benefits as well. After a few weeks of stretching, it is not unusual to find that your dick has actually grown in length. This is normal, as stretching the penis causes the body to produce new cells – essentially causing your penis to grow.

In addition, the increase in blood flow caused by new cell and muscle growth due to the stretching exercises will result in harder, longer-lasting erections.

Finally, the increase in confidence that you’ll experience after achieving all of these benefits can make you more adventurous and improve your sex life over all. There’s nothing a woman finds sexier than a confident man in the bedroom.

A word of caution

Whether you choose to use daily exercises or a penis extender, penis stretching should never hurt.

While it is normal and natural to feel discomfort such as an itching, tingling, or even fatigued feeling in your penis for a short time following your stretching exercise, it should not feel painful. Some men have reported feeling a slightly sore or burning sensation in their penis that is similar to what is felt in other areas of the body after weightlifting or doing other intense workout activity. Though this can be uncomfortable, it is not dangerous. However, if you find that you’re feeling true pain, it’s important that you stop stretching immediately and consult your doctor.