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Can A Bigger Penis Improve Your Sex Life?

better-sex-lifeThere are varying arguments on whether or not having a bigger penis can improve your sex life. Some women say that size doesn’t matter. Others will argue that a larger penis can provide more intense stimulation, and therefore better pleasure.

Enough men have grown insecure about the size of their penis that enlargement has become a multi-billion dollar industry. The question remains – can increasing the size of your penis improve your sex life?

The answer is yes – and no.

Argument #1 – Bigger just might be better

Having a larger penis can improve your sex life in a few ways.

  • For one thing, it will increase your confidence, and women find confidence in the bedroom sexy. After all, trying to have sex with someone who is shying away from you isn’t exactly fun or exciting.
  • Additionally, having a larger penis can allow you to try different sex positions that will stimulate your partner in new and fun ways.
  • Many women also find deeper penetration to be more pleasurable. However, while all of this seems to make the argument that bigger is better, it’s important to remember that there are other things that can please your partner as well.

Argument #2 – Size isn’t what’s important…

You may have heard the phrase “it’s not the size of the boat that matters, it’s the motion in the ocean!” For many women, this is very true. There are many men who don’t try nearly as hard to please their partner in the bedroom, because they believe their large size will be all it takes.

sexual-pleasureSadly, this simply isn’t true.

In fact, most women can’t experience true sexual pleasure and achieve orgasm from penetrative sex alone. It is simply impossible. Furthermore, there are some women who find that penetration by a larger penis is actually painful, resulting in an overstretched feeling for hours after having sex.

As a result, many smaller men can give their partner a far better and more pleasurable sexual experience than larger men can, simply because they focus on other methods of pleasuring their partner in addition to penetration. After all, you can have as large a penis as possible, and none of that will matter if you’re not getting your partner off when it counts.

Pleasing Your Partner – Even if You’re Not Large

Even if you don’t have a particularly large penis, it’s still possible to give your partner a fantastic sexual experience. You simply have to learn to use what you have effectively! To begin, focus on building your partner’s arousal with plenty of foreplay. Don’t jump to her most sensitive areas right out of the gate – building the anticipation will cause her skin and nerves to become far more sensitive, increasing her pleasure. Next, concentrate on finding and stimulating her g-spot. This small nub is filled with very sensitive nerve endings, and is usually not too deep within the vagina. It is one of the most sensitive areas on the female body. Secondly, focus on stimulating her clitoris as well. The clitoris has even more nerve endings than the g-spot and is almost guaranteed to bring your partner to orgasm when stimulated properly. It’s a little-known fact that many women find it impossible to achieve orgasm from penetration alone, even if the g-spot is being stimulated. By stimulating the nerve centers of both the g-spot (with penetration) and the clitoris (with a finger or vibrator) at the same time, you’re guaranteed to give your partner one of the most mind-blowing orgasms she’s ever had.

Confidence Really is Key

When it comes to pleasing your partner during sex, confidence really is the key.

sexual-confidenceEven if you have a smaller penis, it’s still very possible for you to bring your partner mind-blowing pleasure in the bedroom.

The key is to keep your focus on her needs, and to be confident in your own ability to pleasure her. Timidity in the sack is almost guaranteed to turn your partner off. Instead, show her that you know exactly what you’re doing – and that you know how to use what you’ve been given to bring her the most pleasure possible.

Remember, it’s not only your penis that can bring your partner pleasure. Your fingers, tongue, and a wealth of sex toys can all help you in bringing your partner to a mind-blowing orgasm. Take your time, relax, and enjoy using all of the gifts that you’ve been given. This will help you and your partner have a better experience, and you’ll find that you won’t need to worry about your penis size at all.