About Uproot U.S. Healthcare – Two Editions

The British would call Uproot U.S. Healthcare a “primer.” Though dealing with a complex subject, it is simple and written for the non-expert. Uproot U.S. Healthcare provides a starting point for us to talk with each other using the same language, understanding what “cost” and “error” really mean

UprrotUproot U.S. Healthcare recognizes that everyday people must become the doctors for sick healthcare. We need to practice good medicine rather than smart politics. We need to treat the causes of healthcare sickness, rather than the symptoms (as Washington does). Uproot U.S. Healthcare helps us to understand WHY healthcare is sick instead of focusing solely on the WHAT, the signs of system sickness: uninsured millions, errors, unsupportable costs, and increasing shortages.

If you like this book, that is nice. However, enjoying it is not enough. You have to get involved. Talk to others, on this web site or elsewhere. Write to the newspapers and on the Internet. Demand a plebiscite on healthcare. Participate in the creation of a functional, American healthcare system.

Remember the ancient wisdom: “If not me, who? If not now, when?” I add the following. Do it in your own best interest. After all, no one else will.

CambioOriginal Edition

The first, original version was written for the general public and discusses the ACA as signed into law in 2010. It is still the best place to start for the average reader. It is also available translated into Spanish as “Cambio Radical al Sistema de Salud de los Estados Unidos.”

The second, expanded edition of Uproot U.S. Healthcare is both different and the same. It has the same basic text but includes the Supreme Court decision on the ACA. It is redesigned graphically and improved, I hope.

Several Universities here in the U.S. wanted to use the book for teaching purposes. They asked me to include some of the management and strategic planning details that I had cut from the first edition. These tools and techniques are now in the Appendices.

NOT RIGHT! (coming December 2012)

In a sense, Not Right! is a prequel to Uproot U.S. Healthcare: written after but conceptually before. A conclusion reached in Uproot… is that one of the primary reasons why  health care systems throughout the world remains critically ill is that people do not agree, as nations, on a set of guiding principles.

The first principle, that remains in limbo to this very day, is simple: Is health care a right, or is it not? Not Right! explores this fundamental question, asking was health care ever a right; is it now; should it be; and what will happen if health care is declared a right?

Here in the U.S., we cannot begin to fix our failing healthcare system until we have a consensus on the question, Do we want health care to be a right?