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The book “Uproot U.S. Healthcare” provides a framework for us – you and me, the Public – to discuss and then FIX our sick healthcare system.

  • Hard copy (trade edition) can be purchased here for $15. The regular in store price is $20.

  • E-book of “Uproot U.S. Healthcare” ($10: immediate download)
  • NOW AVAILABLE: Hard copy of Uproot U.S. Healthcare in Spanish is “Cambio Radical al Sistema de Salud de los Estados Unidos.” and is available for purchase for $15 by clicking here. The e-book will also be available here for $10 and immediate download in April 2011.
  • New book: “Health Care Is Not A Right” will be coming out in September 2011. You will not want to miss it and its contribution to the discussion about healthcare and health care.
  • For quantities of 100 or more:

    Discounts greater than 25% are available for quantities of 100 or more. Please contact with your inquiry.

    Bulk purchase may be particularly attractive to employers with large workforces who recognize the need to fix healthcare in order to improve their bottom line!

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