What Should You do When Your Girl Doesn’t Finish

One of the worst fears for men when they lay their girl down and have their way with them is that she won’t finish and will leave unsatisfied. Women even know this fear and that’s why another fear that men have is that she’s faking it.

unsatisfiedSex is only pleasurable if both sides get something out of it, right?

Even if you’re left feeling satisfied physically, if your girls isn’t feeling it, your pride may be a little hurt. The truth is, it’s harder for women to finish that it is for men for a number of reasons.

But despite those reasons, every man tries and tries and tries and is, sometimes, successful. But what about those of you who are frequently unsuccessful? What should you do when your girl doesn’t finish?

Here are just some of the ways you can deal with the situation if your girl doesn’t finish.

Keep Trying

Just because your member is done doesn’t mean your hands and mouth have to be done. Get to work on her! Use your mouth and hands in any way you can to get her there. If she can’t after a little while, then see #2.

Go for Round 2!

If she’s still having trouble after a little while, I’m sure you can bounce back and be ready for round 2! Don’t go the rest of the day leaving her unsatisfied. Get yourself revved up and get back on her and do work. It takes a lot longer for a girl to reach orgasm than for a guy. So if she needs a second round in order to make it, then you better comply.

seductionGet Verbal

I know it may be a little awkward and can potentially hurt your ego, but ask her what’s up. It could be her just taking a little longer, but it could also mean that there’s something more she wants from you but doesn’t want to say it.

By opening up and asking her what it is you could be doing differently, it not only gives her the opportunity to divulge some of her desires, but it also gives you the chance to improve your sex life. And who wouldn’t want that?

Experiment a Bit

Maybe the positions you’re trying just aren’t cutting it for her. Don’t keep with the same, stale positions. Try new things! Focus on positions that stimulate her G-spot and trying doing a variation of those for a while.

Don’t just try new positons, try different methods of how you do things, too. Speed it up, slow it down. Just keep a variation going so she will be surprised with whatever you do. When things are unexpected, they’re always a turn on.


Many women don’t actually orgasm from penetration alone. Most actually rely on clitoral stimulation in order to get there. So if you’ve only been going to pound town and ignoring that other important part of her downstairs, that’s where your problem lies.

Try getting into a position that aligns you with her G-spot AND one where you can have your hand on her clit. Great positions for this are ones like spooning or missionary. Any position where you can get your hand on her is going to be best no matter what.

foreplayPay Attention to Other “Pleasure Zones”

Her vagina and clit are not the only places that women need to be touched in order to get there. Although she can’t cum specifically from other places, paying attention to them will definitely help her get there.

Nipples. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it over and over until men listen. There is a ridiculous amount of nerve endings in a woman’s nipples and touching them, playing with them, sucking, and licking will work wonders in turning her on and helping her finish.

NEVER Skip Foreplay

This should really be #1 but I wanted to save the most important for last. DO NOT SKIP FOREPLAY. Ever. Foreplay just so happens to be the most important aspect when it comes to a woman finishing. If you get her riled up enough during foreplay, working your magic on her during sex will be a lot easier and she will actually be a lot closer to finishing before you start that if you just skip foreplay altogether.

Bottom line: just try more. Talk to her. And most importantly, follow this list in order to find out what to do when your girl doesn’t finish.